Film Critics Association of South Africa (FCASA)

The Film Critics Association of South Africa is entering a new chapter with a new website. Until now the association has simply been a list of members with affiliated publications. Most film critic circles or associations exist to vote on awards once a year. FCASA is still striving to get to this point.

It’s not for a lack of will but more a case of limited resources and time. As an association run by journalists, time isn’t a commodity that’s easy to come by. The local film industry is maturing, expanding its reach steadily and is necessitating this kind of acknowledgment direct from entertainment media professionals. The pool of writers, broadcasters and content creators is quite slim and even more so when it comes to representing local film content.

The process of facilitating an annual film critic awards ceremony, or even list, isn’t particularly complicated but requires a great deal of facilitation when it comes to ensuring all members have had a chance to watch the films in competition and vote in good time.

It’d be much easier for members to be plugged into another awards ceremony process but it’s important for the local film professionals to have their say without any influence from the politics associated with much bigger productions. So our wish is to remain independent, free of outside forces but also given the opportunity to begin our own review process. It’s easier to receive screener links nowadays, still requires trust in order to ensure colleagues actually watch the films in competition but you need to take steps toward effecting the goal.

Hopefully this new website will give fresh momentum to the cause. We’re hoping to host guest reviews and try to activate a more supportive and involved community. Those looking to hire or interview a film critic can use FCASA to help them decide who would be best suited to their requirements. Contact critics directly via LinkedIn by clicking on their names on the Members page or use the Contact page to address FCASA or ask for advice.

There are a number of ceremonies taking place in Africa and South Africa already with enough films to necessitate such honours and encourage the industry to reach higher and go further. The African Academy Movie Awards host a college of screeners in order to whittle down the selection ahead of their awards ceremony. SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) gives worthy filmmakers a Golden Horn each year to acknowledge great work. The Silwerskermfees awards local filmmakers accolades each year as part of a festival and there are a number of other ceremonies.