Film Critics Association of South Africa

The Film Critics Association of South Africa was founded in 2009.

The association was established as a result of a growing number of recognised film critics in South Africa, an influx of feature film productions in the local film-making industry and a greater prominence on the international circuit with films like Gavin Hood's Oscar-winning Tsotsi, Oliver Hermanus's Moffie, Jahmil X.T. Quebeka's Knuckle City and Neill Blomkamp's District 9, which received critical acclaim worldwide. 

The country has become a valuable film-making destination for its beautiful landscapes, prime film locations, economic benefits, first-class crew, diverse casting and wealth of historical significance.

Here are our current members and their associated publications. You're welcome to contact us for advice on who's best suited to cover your film, festival or movie event.

Member                                          Publication(s)

Anna-Marie Jansen van Vuuren

Bruce Dennill                                  Coolmags / pARTicipate / Skyways

Claudia Hauter                               Freelancer

Daniel Dercksen                             Bizcommunity / Biz Lifestyle / Writing Studio

Darren Denver Jeftha                     Big Screen Hooligans

Debashine Thangevelo                  IOL

Gabi Zietsman                               Channel 24

Katarina HedrĂ©n                             702 / / Africine / Africa Is A Country

Leandra Engelbrecht                     Channel 24

Paul Blom                              / The Horrorfest

Stephen 'Spling' Aspeling               SPL!NG / 2Oceansvibe / Fine Music Radio / Plum List

Tat Wolfen                                      Mix FM

Theresa Smith                                Freelancer

Want to join the FCASA? You are welcome to apply for membership if you are a South African film critic, have published more than 50 movie reviews (pref. 300+ words) and/or are a film feature writer for a print or online media publication (with references).

We haven't been able to facilitate and host an official FCASA awards ceremony yet, but we are striving towards this goal.

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